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The Optimizer Tree

23 October 2017
The Optimizer Tree

Optimizer has had a tree planted in Project Dassa, Burkina Faso thanks to Contribute water.

Contribute Water is a charity water initiative. For every bottle you purchase, part of the revenue goes to their charity partner Pump Aid who specializes in water projects in Africa. Their Water is being sold at the same price range and quality as other brands but with one important difference; – every bottle sold brings clean water to Africa.  As a thank you they planted a tree in Optimizer’s name.


Species: Parkia biglobosa

The Parkia biglobosa, or néré, is the best known species of the savannahs of West Africa. It is a protected tree in Burkina Faso: it can be pruned but permits must be obtained for its destruction. It produces black seeds that markets to season the millet patties. Its pods are full of a are fermented and amassed in small pellets and sold in slightly sweet yellow flour that is used to make porridge and drinks. Seeds and pods are sold separately, hence the profitability of this tree. Pellet debris is trampled on the farms to harden the soil.

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