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Optimizer Invest increases investment in Reve

The Swedish app for lifestyle shopping has quickly grown to become one of the most popular meeting places for young Swedish women. Reve now enters the next phase of its growth plan, supported by an additional capital injection made by Optimizer Invest, Almi Invest and Wellstreet.

Shopping app Reve was launched in 2014 and has since attracted a third of Swedish young women between 15-25 years of age to join its community. The concept is to offer a seamless shopping experience by gathering the world’s most popular brands and e-commerce stores in one place. With an advanced and smart technology, Reve today indexes over 2 million products that can be purchased.

In addition to offering commerce, the app is also a social community where users get inspiration, create content and engage in lifestyle products and trends. The app has dominated the Swedish App Store in its category on several occasions and holds a leading position among the most downloaded lifestyle apps.

Optimizer Invest has been a shareholder in the company since 2014 and has seen the company grow and tactically develop its business model. In order to make it possible for Reve to grow according to plan, Optimizer Invest makes an additional investment together with the co-owners Almi Invest and Wellstreet of 5 million SEK.

Carla Maree Vella, CEO, Optimizer Invest, comments:
– We continue to support Reve. The company has developed a very unique lifestyle ecommerce platform, demonstrated strong growth and created powerful digital monetization model for brands and retailers. We believe the is the future of lifestyle commerce, right on the intersection between content, community and personalization.

Josep Nolla, founder and CEO, Reve, comments:
– I am pleased that our owners continue to see potential in Reve. We have an aggressive growth plan, particularly in the Scandinavian market, which we will realize through additional investments in marketing and an expanded team. We are only at the beginning of our journey.

For more information, please contact:

Carla Maree Vella, CEO, Optimizer Invest

Josep Nolla, CEO, Reve


About Reve

Reve is a revolutionary app where you can discover, share and shop lifestyle products seamlessly across channels. The app indexes, categorizes and organizes millions of products from over 150 brands and e-commerce stores such as Junkyard, Cubus, Gina Tricot, Nelly, River Island and Zalando. The company is founded by Josep Nolla who has background from Google and the Kinnevik sphere.

Based on the user’s interests and preferences, Reve makes personalized recommendations of products and styles. The app supports almost all e-commerce platforms and offers a unique search tool among the more than 2 million lifestyle products.