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Optimizer Announces New Online Media Incubator

Optimizer Invest want to support the new wave of founders/entrepreneurs with a platform to build the next market leader within lead generation.

Over the last 10 years Optimizer Invest has been a driving force behind some of the most successful lead generation companies in Europe. As an early stage partner, we have built a platform and a unique know-how of to grow this type of business from seed stage to IPO.

With Incubator Media Group we want to support the next generation of authority websites. This is an opportunity for new ambitious founders to take the torch and build the next winner.


• Growth and product experts that have the know-how to build and scale a website and webservices.
• Early stage lead generation assets needing help with acceleration.
• Lean business models with a short runway to profitability but with a long term view of business sustainability.

We are looking for people who are willing to put in the extra effort to achieve their goals. Your resilience and ability to fail, learn and bounce back is a key determinant of success.

Problem-Solving Skills
We look for those who have a unique and very creative way to approach the problems they see around them.

A unique insight
We look for individuals with a unique insight or deep expertise in the subject of the product.


• Unique access to Optimizer Invest’s knowledge, team and expertise, including commercial, strategic and legal advice;
• Funding
• Hands on guidance on all commercial decisions on a day to day basis;
• Opportunity to relocate to Malta and house your business in our state of the art Balluta Bay offices with direct access to and support of Optimizer Invest’s employees.

To Apply
Send your CV, cover letter and introduction of the affiliate asset you want to build, or already operate, i.e. industry, unit economics and competition, to