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New in the world of Optimizer

Optimizer Invest inaugurates new head office hub in Malta

The new open space office will work as a centre of innovation, optimised to take the portfolio companies to the next level.

Marking the four year anniversary of Optimizer Invest, a new and improved office space in St Julians, Malta, was inaugurated on Tuesday September 20th. In presence of over hundred of colleagues from the portfolio companies such as Catena Media and Betit Group, CEO Carla Maree Vella cut the ribbon to the 280 square meter new office space facing the water in Balluta Bay.

“This office manifests what Optimizer Invest is all about”, says CEO Carla Maree Vella. “We wanted to create a space where everyone in our sphere is welcome to stay for periods of time. By sphere, I mean colleagues from our holding companies as well as partners in general supporting our vision. By expanding our head office in this way, we optimise the opportunity to nurture and support our holdings and interests”.

Optimizer Invest is currently running a competition called the Start-up Hunt, looking for the next portfolio company to join the Group. The winner will get a chance to use the new office space as much as preferred.

“We strive to create the most innovative and profitable ideas within digital tech. We have many exciting projects to date that need to grow in an optimum environment, which we now formed”, Carla Maree Vella concludes.