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Easy Payment Gateway (EPG) next company for Optimizer Invest

Optimizer invests in Easy Payment Gateway (EPG), a rising star within online payment solutions.

Optimizer makes another investment. The Gibraltar-based company Easy Payment Gateway (EPG) has now been added to the corporate portfolio. The company develops platforms for payment solutions online and customises software to adapt to different types of transactions.

Behind EPG is CEO and founder Alex Carpurro who has extensive experience of working with payment solutions in the gambling industry. Along with a number of partners, he has now developed a new type of software for payment solutions that is secure, simple to use and that offers seamless integration with virtually all types of online businesses. The basic idea is to provide complex online and retail environments with the tools they need to run their businesses efficiently and to implement third party integrations without being IT specialists.

Since its start in September last year, EPG has also signed agreements with several leading banks worldwide, which contribute to further smooth handling of operations. Intelligent routing is also included in the product, which means that customers receive real-time information about how users act and thus can quickly contribute to turning declined transactions into successful ones.

“Online payments are the future, whether for everyday errands or complex game environments,” says Neville Pullicino, CFO Optimizer Invest. “EPG has created a solution that is secure, optimizes the user experience and that contributes to more business being made. We see a great potential for that kind of product.”

EPG has shown strong growth from the start.

“In just a few months, we have built up a customer base worldwide,” says Alex Carpurro. “We will shortly expand our organisation and develop new, smart algorithms that give our customers even greater opportunities. We intend to be the Google of payment solutions!”

For more information, please contact:
Neville Pullicino, CFO, Optimizer Invest