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Optimizer presents Techfest with Accelerate

This week Optimizer Invest’s CEO, Carla Maree Vella was on stage at Techfest to announce Accelerate with Optimizer invest.

It was announced that we are launching a Startup hunt for the next tech unicorn to join our portfolio and that we are ready to invest up to 1.5M euro. There were a couple of other awesome elements to the prize including free office space and accommodation in Malta for 6 months… But today we are announcing that we are changing the terms a little.

We are a investment company, and we listen and react to what people say. Nobody understands family and commitments more than we do, so we are opening it up and making the move to Malta part optional! If you want to bring your team to Malta for a few months our doors are open, if not that is fine also. Today the optimizer team works for 23 portfolio companies who are all in remote locations and In today’s digital world it is really not a must for us to sit in the same space!

Further to this since the working in Malta for 6 months limited this competition to EU citizens this has also now been lifted, so we welcome start-ups from anywhere in the world!