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Optimizer Invest increases investment in Tinitell

Tinitell, the Swedish company who makes wearable mobile phones for kids, is ready to do its first big product launch in Europe. Optimizer continues to show support while entering the final week of the Start-Up Hunt competition.

Swedish-American Mats Horn founded Tinitell in 2012 with the aim of making it easier for
parents and children to stay connected. By developing a never before seen product – a wrist
phone that could function as a combination of a mobile phone and walkie talkie – parents can
communicate with younger children on a distance in a very convenient way.

Optimizer Invest saw a potential in Tinitell early on and invested approximately 1 million US
dollar in the first stage 2015. Since then, the product has been under development and has
gone trough severe testing. As time has come to launch in Europe, Optimizer now invests an
additional 150 000 US dollar in Tinitell.

“We are excited to finally have reached the launch stage and that Optimizer continues to
follow us on our journey”, says Tinitell’s CEO Mats Horn. “To have them on board, not only
as investors but also strategic advisors, has been vital for our development”.

“Our strength is to find companies that have that little extra”, says Carla Maree Vella, CEO of
Optimizer. “Tinitell has that. The product could very well revolutionize the way that we
communicate with children as well as with other groups of people who seek a less
complicated gadget than a regular smart phone. We are proud to announce our continued
support and investment, and look forward to closely follow Tinitell on its way forward”.

Optimizer Invest is right now on the look out for the next start-up to join its portfolio.

“We want to find our next Tinitell equivalent. I therefore urge any start-up with a great digital
idea to join our competition the Start-Up Hunt. By doing so, they get the opportunity to obtain
an investment of up to €1.5 Million Euro, as well as our strategic expertise and network”,
concludes Carla Maree Vella.

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