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Optimizer Expands Interest in Sequra

Optimizer Invest continues to invest in Sequra, a leading company in Spain specialized in payment solutions for e-commerce.

Sequra S.L. was founded in 2014 by, among others, the Swedish entrepreneur David Bäckström. The vision was to simplify processes for Spanish merchants and consumers by building a technical solution that allowed payments by invoice, a service that did not exist in Spain before.

Since its start, the company has grown significantly by systematically penetrating the Spanish market. Today around 250 merchants are using the service, including fashion giants La Redoute and Modalia, and the number is growing rapidly. 30 people are currently working at Sequra’s head office in Barcelona. Since the company’s quarterly growth is around 60%, the number of employees will likely be doubled before the year-end.

Behind the company are some Swedish and international entrepreneurs. David Bäckström is the CEO, known for several successful entrepreneurial ventures such as the European Telemedicine Clinic and Optimizer Invest made its first investment in Sequra in 2015, and will now support with additional funds.

Carla Maree Vella, CEO of Optimizer Invest, comments:
“Spain as an e-commerce market is highly interesting. It is not as mature as the markets in Western and Northern Europe yet, and consequently there are great opportunities for a company like Sequra which already got a fantastic start.”

David Bäckström, CEO of Sequra, comments:
“We are very pleased with how Sequra has evolved and grown since we started. Southern Europe, and Spain in particular, is our primary focus. We continue to forge ties with the really big e-retailers and will soon also take on the Portuguese market. Optimizer Invest is grateful partner to have on this journey, they have the experience of building large-scale companies from scratch and can provide valuable insights.”

For more information, please contact:

Carla Maree Vella, CEO, Optimizer Invest

David Bäckström, CEO, Sequra