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Young Entrepreneur Scholarship

Through Henrik Persson Ekdahl´s scholarship and UF Sweden / Kristianstad, Optimizer Invest had the opportunity to meet with three young entrepreneurs through an internship experience at our offices in Marbella, Spain.

These young entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to increase their knowledge while having a hands-on experience at work, observing how experienced business people deal with their day-to-day job. Studies and knowledge are important, however, having real life experience on the job is just as important for one to utterly understand what it takes to achieve great things with a company.

We want these young entrepreneurs to get access and experience things that simply cannot be absorbed by reading leadership books or speaking with industry veterans. One must experience these lessons first-hand to grasp their importance. These young entrepreneurs have met with entrepreneurs, lawyers, financial experts and specialists in different fields. A few examples:

  • Jarno Hottinen, IP and trademarks specialist and founder of OTMORE
  • Jarno Vanhatapio, E-commerce specialist and founder/CEO of, &
  • Mose Haregot, Founder and CEO of Society Icon a specialist within social and influencer marketing
  • Richard Brown, CEO of Gaming Innovation Group, a digital company listed on Nasdaq OMX Sweden and Norway.

The week was built to let the entrepreneurs get insight into all different aspects of running a business, from a start-up to a listed company. But also, at the same, experiencing Henrik’s philosophies and healthy body / healthy mind and there for the week was also filled with experiences within training and food.

Our philosophy at Optimizer Invest Ltd is to inspire and encourage young entrepreneurs to invest in their future and become a successful entrepreneur, both experience and knowledge are key to success.