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Asset Restructuring Continues

As communicated on the 21st of December 2018, Optimizer Invest is currently restructuring its assets and holding companies, and in connection with this, all listed and regulated holdings are distributed to its shareholders. Optimizer Invest has previously distributed its holdings in Catena Media and Gaming Innovation Group (“GiG”) to its shareholders and will now also distribute all its shares in Speqta AB (publ) to shareholders André Lavold, Henrik Persson Ekdahl and Mikael Riese Harstad. 

Once again, Optimizer Invest and its shareholders want to make it clear that the re-organization and transfer of shares (i) will not in any way affect Optimizer Invest’s commitment in any of its holding companies and (ii) is strictly made for administrative purposes. Since distributed, the shareholders of Optimizer Invest have collectively increased their shareholding in both Catena Media and GiG, and Optimizer Invest and its shareholders have a long-term, active and strategic shareholder perspective in Speqta AB (publ).